anger Management Courses
• Do you find yourself angrily over-reacting in your interactions with friends, family and work colleagues?
• Do you wish you had more control over your emotions?
• Do you feel like you often react first and think later?
• Do you often feel angry with yourself?
• Has someone close to you asked you to get help in controlling your anger?
• Does your lack of trust in the way you’ll react prevent you from doing things you’d like to do?
• Do you experience episodes in which you seem to ‘black out’ or ‘disappear’ and become violent?
• Do you avoid getting close to people so that they won’t discover your hidden anger?
• Do you find yourself rationally choosing to be calm and then erupting without warning?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

About anger

Anger is a natural reaction but, whether taken out on yourself or others, can often be a very destructive force.
Clients often report feeling frustrated and disappointed in their inability to control their emotions.

Clients coming for help in understanding and controlling their anger often report feeling regret about the past and experiencing:
• frustration
• shame
• embarrassment
• disappointment in their inability to control their emotions.

Techniques that may be used in your therapy session

Sessions will be personally tailored to your individual circumstances and may include:
• Talking therapy
• Clinical Hypnosis / Traditional Hypnotherapy
• Relaxing visualisations
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Solution Focussed Therapy
• Assertiveness training
• Desensitisation to triggers
• Autogenic Training
• Mindfulness
All of these techniques have proved to be very effective in achieving long-term change.

Take the first step

If you’ve reached this page, it’s likely that you’re ready to address these issues now – Call 07956 525 587.
By taking control of your anger now you can prevent further regrets in the future.
It is natural for people who have not experienced talking therapy before to have questions about how it can help them. So that you can feel more comfortable, the first half hour of your initial consultation will be completely FREE OF CHARGE, with no obligation and in total confidence, allowing you to ask questions and ensure that this is the right solution for you.
Sessions to help you control your anger are held in London NW3 or N10. Please do call or email now for a confidential, no-obligation chat. 020 8444 9222 or Mobile 07956 525 587 to book an appointment or for further information or email

Next Steps

Call or email for a confidential, no-obligation chat.
Tel: 020 8444 9222 or
Mob: 07956 525 587
To start making those improvements to your life, book an appointment and get the ball rolling.
The first half hour of an initial consultation will be completely FREE OF CHARGE, allowing you to ask questions and ensure that this is the right solution for you.
See how quickly and effectively your life can be significantly enhanced.

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