• Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep?
• Do you lack energy?
• Do you find yourself dreading bed time?
• Have you experienced more than a couple of sleepless nights this week?
• Do you become irritable when you’re tired?
• Do you wake up tired in the morning?
• Do you often wake in the night and struggle to get back to sleep?
• Do you find it difficult to switch off your thoughts when you go to bed at night?
• Do you sometimes oversleep in the morning?
• Do you use alcohol or medication to help you sleep and worry about becoming dependent on them?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

About insomnia

Sleep is important in helping us process the day’s events, recover from bugs or illnesses and recharge our batteries.

Insomnia is surprisingly common and affects people in different ways. You may struggle to get to sleep or wake in the early hours and you may find it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep when you’re:
• upset
• worried
• anxious
• angry
• in pain
• stressed
but also if your environment is noisy, or the temperature of your room is too hot or cold, or if stimulants, such as coffee, alcohol or drugs are having an adverse effect.

Clients coming for help with insomnia often report feeling:
• frustrated
• exhausted
• unable to concentrate
• worried about their daily performance, for example at work
• upset about the effect their irritability is having on others

Techniques that may be used in your therapy session

Sessions will be personally tailored to your individual circumstances and may include:
• Talking therapy
• Clinical Hypnosis / Traditional Hypnotherapy
• Relaxing visualisations
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Solution Focussed Therapy
• Desensitisation to triggers
• Autogenic Training
• Mindfulness
All of these techniques have proved to be gentle ways of overcoming sleep problems and are very effective in achieving long-term change.

In addition:
• self-hypnosis will also be taught, where appropriate, so that you can create these feelings of calm and relaxation whenever you like
• practical advice about routine and optimum environment to encourage a good night’s sleep will also be provided.

Take the first step

If you’ve reached this page, it’s likely that you’re ready to call me now and get a good night’s sleep. Take control of your sleep patterns now – Call 07956 525 587.

It is natural for people who have not experienced talking therapy before to have questions about how it can help them. So that you can feel more comfortable, the first half hour of your initial consultation will be completel FREE OF CHARGE, with no obligation and in total confidence, allowing you to ask questions and ensure that this is the right solution for you.

Sessions to help you overcome insomnia are held in London NW3 or N10.

Please do call or email now for a confidential, no-obligation chat. 020 8444 9222 or Mobile 07956 525 587 to book an appointment or for further information or email

Next Steps

Call or email for a confidential, no-obligation chat.
Tel: 020 8444 9222 or
Mob: 07956 525 587
To start making those improvements to your life, book an appointment and get the ball rolling.
The first half hour of an initial consultation will be completely FREE OF CHARGE, allowing you to ask questions and ensure that this is the right solution for you.
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