Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision for hypnotherapists

Unlike counsellors and psychotherapists, hypnotherapists are not required to have clinical supervision, either whilst training, or after qualifying. This can make setting up and maintaining a clinical practice far more difficult than it needs to be.

Clinicians often initially struggle alone with setting up a practice, transitioning from their old profession to working as a therapist, finding clients, holding on to clients, knowing how to market their practice and how to optimise advertising to avoid spending all their earnings.

Once they have a steady influx of clients, the unique nature of each client’s background and circumstances means that clinicians need to constantly reflect on their practice and find new and original ways of working – and it can become overwhelming to choose from such a wide variety of CPD course on offer, particularly on a limited budget.

In addition, to avoid becoming stuck, or overwhelmed when working with clients, it is vitally important for the clinician to continually reflect on, and develop, their own emotional responses, and to seek support whenever necessary to optimise the care and safety of themselves and their clients.

Clinical supervision can help with all of the above.

As an experienced hypnotherapist, I offer clinical supervision – face to face or on Skype – to provide:
• Ongoing support to students or qualified hypnotherapists
• An opportunity to discuss, in confidence, challenges that may come up with clients
• Guided reflection on current practices
• Different, or original perspectives on clinical approaches
• Emotional support for the clinician
• Help in developing skills, knowledge and confidence 
• Help in developing the clinician’s own unique style of working
• Help in developing the clinician’s own ‘internal supervisor’
• Optimal client safety and care
• Advice about ongoing professional development
• Advice about marketing, advertising and general practice enhancement

To book a clinical supervision session, please call Sigal at Open Minds on 07956 525 587 or use the contact form or email address for any enquiries.

clinical supervision

Testimonials kindly provided by current supervisees

I can highly recommend Sigal for her excellent supervision skills. She is reliable and quick to respond when guidance and advice is needed. Sigal is tremendously supportive and approachable and allows you to develop your own treatment plan while offering constructive ideas and logical advice.  

Sigal has really helped me build my confidence as a hypnotherapist. I feel comfortable talking to her about my insecurities, knowing that I won’t be judged and she has a wonderful way of calmly helping me break down complicated, overwhelming client scenarios into manageable chunks. She’s also given me some really helpful (money-saving) advertising tips.

As a relatively newly qualified hypnotherapist I believe it is imperative to seek regular clinical supervision in order to maintain good ethical and clinical practices. In the early years of starting a practice one is also likely to be seeing clients for the first time with sometimes complex conditions, not previously encountered. This makes the knowledge of an experienced supervisor invaluable. Sigal Shalev’s approachability, quiet contemplative manner and abilities – not only as a hypnotherapist but also as an educator and trained counsellor – bring to her practice  as clinical supervisor, an engaging, flexible and eclectic approach. I wholeheartedly endorse her.
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